Personal Perspective



About six years ago, I started writing every day and published them online1. When I began writing, I chose to write about things that my former self would have liked to know about. It went on for about 100 days, during which I learned a lot about myself. Some people found the articles helpful, which was a satisfying experience. But what got me really excited was the realization that writing helps me explore and organize my thoughts.

I'd jot down random things related to the topic that I wanted to talk about2. After the initial setup, I'd start editing the post, adding and removing ideas as necessary. It almost felt like I was having a conversation with myself. I'd posit a question, then answer it. Ask the following question then answer it again. I'd scribble a bunch of loosely related ideas and talk to myself about them. Repeat the process over and over again until I have enough material to complete a piece. Then I'd throw away almost all of the contents, refining them to a few core ideas.

Now that a few years have passed, I'd like to start writing again to reflect on myself and organize my thoughts. The process itself will be my prize, but hopefully, the byproducts will help other people as well.

  1. You can still visit the blog. Unfortunately, it's written in Korean.

  2. Picking the subject is another fascinating topic worth exploring, which I intend to visit later with another post.