Sungjoo Ha

Kickbot League

2010 Kick-bot League Introduction

내용은 승부차기 게임이구요. Kicker와 Keeper 알고리즘이 999번 승부차기를 해서 500골 이상 들어가면 키커 승리, 그 미만이면 골키퍼 승리입니다. 키커의 역할을 하는 bot을 작성해주시면 되겠습니다.

I finished 2nd place in this competition.


My solution was inspired by Iocaine Powder, the First winner of the International RoShamBo Programming Competition.

I laid out the meta-strategy of Iocaine Powder and implemented various predictors such as the following.

Also, I've up a notch by trying to identify the target and act accordingly, and minimizing the risk by having various windows for the meta-strategy to overcome its problems.